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Apr 232010

Image by Kevin Grocki via Flickr

Whether you’re a job-seeker looking for the perfect position, an employer seeking the best talent, or a recruitment professional who’s job it is to bring the two together, keeping yourself abreast of current and future trends in the Irish labour market is an important element of the recruitment process.

In March the Irish employment and training agency FÁS and the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) published their 13th annual joint report in the manpower forecasting series: "Occupational Employment Forecasts 2015", including full medium-term forecasts of the sectoral and occupational structure of the Irish labour market.

Here’s a summary of the key changes they predict in Ireland’s labour market between now and 2015:

• Changes are likely in the sectoral and skills mix of employment. While employment in most occupations is expected to recover from the lows of 2010, the rate and extent of recovery will vary considerably by occupation, with some emerging from the recession to show relatively strong employment growth, while others fail to attain their pre-recession levels before 2015.

• The occupations expected to exceed pre-recession peak levels are concentrated at the higher end of the skill scale, and include professionals and associate professionals (technicians) in science, engineering, business services and IT. Some of the occupations that, while they will they will grow after 2010, are not expected to hit their peak pre-recession levels include skilled building workers, production operatives, unskilled manual workers, sales assistants and clerks.

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Jun 252009
Home Work

Image by fras1977 via Flickr

Imagine waking up in the morning and not facing the horror of the daily commute. Imagine sauntering into work after a leisurely breakfast at home with your family. Imagine at the end of the working day simply shutting down your PC and being home in no time at all.

No road rage, no traffic gridlock, no hassle….

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But according to estimates it’s already a reality for more than 60,000 Irish people around the country – at least for part of their working week. Every year more Irish employers are realising the productivity, cost and lifestyle benefits associated with letting their employees work from home.

Information and communications technology today makes the option of e-working from home more affordable and accessible than ever. With a computer and a broadband Internet connection you can often work from home just as effectively as you could at the office – sometimes even more so, because you avoid the myriad distractions typical of an office environment. A lot of work can even be done off-line, then e-mailed to clients or colleagues over a standard dial-up connection, and you’d be amazed at how many jobs are suitable for home working, at least for part of the time.

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